The TOPLINE® bagging machine for open mouth bags

For the packaging of fine free-flowing powders in open-mouth bags

The TOPLINE® is a modern fully automatic packing system that has been especially designed for the packaging of fine free-flowing powders. The whole bagging process, from the filling up to the closing of the open mouth bags, takes place in a compact cabinet.


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The strengths of the TOPLINE® bagging machine

  • A high level of cleanliness, perfectly adapted to the food industry
  • Precise weights, thanks to a weighing system that is tailored to the product
  • Beautiful bag shapes, thanks to the product densification system
  • A good product protection, with a carefully selected closing system, depending on your project
  • A beautiful advertising medium, thanks to quality printing and materials (e.g. glossy finish)

The functions of the TOPLINE® bagging machine

  • Empty bag placing
  • Bag filling (5 to 25 kg)
  • Product densifying and/or deaeration
  • Impulse sealing (of PE inliner)
  • Bag top folding
  • Bag closing (welding, folding, sealing, sewing)
  • Inline or 90° discharge of full bags

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