Automatic bag palletizers

It's simple: two ranges of palletizers, for all your needs.

Since 1972, we have developed and installed more than 2,000 palletizers and end-of-line solutions around the world. No matter the type of bag or product, we have the palletizer that suits your needs.




What is an automatic bag palletizer?

Unlike manual palletizing, which requires manual handling by the operator, the automatic palletizer will allow you to reach high palletizing rates, all the while ensuring an excellent result: the bags are not damaged, the layers are balanced and pressed. Your pallet is perfect.


Automatic palletizing is perfectly adapted to different industries:

  • In the food industry (for bags of seeds, grains, rice, animal feed, croquettes, etc.)
  • In the chemical industry (for granules, micro-granules and plastic pellets)
  • For building materials (for bags of cement, mortar, plaster, etc.)
  • For minerals (gypsum, sand, etc.)

With the solutions provided by NEWTEC BAG, you will be able to reach a palletization rate of up to 6,500 bags/h depending on the type of bag, product, canvas and height of the pallet.

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