End-of-line packaging solutions for petrochemicals

Packaging granular chemical products

In the petrochemical industry, end-of-line installations must meet very precise specifications and take into account the specific characteristics of the products.

The petrochemical industry works with a wide variety of products. There is a great variety of bag types, which weigh 25 kg on average. The production rates vary depending on the type of product.


Aventus, the petrochemistry experts

Full end-of-line packaging solutions for the petrochemical industry

AVENTUS was founded in 2018 as a joint venture of the world market leaders HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER. They have united both parent companies in their motto "Perfect Combination of Competence and Technology" and moreover in their company name. The Latin word Avena means oats, Ventus stands for wind. AVENTUS is also the parent company of NEWTEC BAG.

Their solutions can cover your entire value chain or just parts of it, depending on your needs.


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