End-of-line solutions for fertilizers

Packaging of chemical fertilizers in granules in bags

The palletization of bags of chemical fertilizers is an important task for companies in the agricultural sector. End-of-line installations must meet very specific requirements and take into account the specific characteristics of different chemical products (raw materials and/or processes)

The chemical fertilizer industry offers a wide variety of products, which is reflected in the diversity of packaging used. Bags of 25 kg are widely used, and production rates depend on the specificities of the different types of fertilizers produced

AVENTUS, our chemical fertilizers experts

Innovative packaging solutions for the chemical fertilizers industry

AVENTUS was founded in 2018 as a joint venture of global market leaders HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER. The two parent companies united in their motto "Perfect Combination of Competence and Technology" as well as in the company's name. The Latin word "Avena" means oat, and "Ventus" means wind. 

Their solutions can be adapted to your entire packaging line, or just parts of it. They are particularly suited to applications in the chemical, salt, fertilizer and animal feed industries, as well as in the food and agricultural sectors, but can also be applied to other bulk products.


Discover our solutions for chemical fertilizers

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