Our bagging machines

Tailored to your bag packaging needs.

No matter for which type of product and bag, we have the right bagging machine for you. Our range allows for packaging in valve bags, FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bags or open mouth bags, from 5 to 50 kg.

What is a bagging machine?

A bagging machine is a machine that fills a bag with product. Some models of bagging machines are better adapted to certain types of bags (FFS, open mouth, valve).

Bagging machines are used in all industries that package bulk products (granules, micro-granules, powders, flakes, pellets, etc.).

There are two types of bagging machines: automatic and semi-automatic. The automatic bagging machines manage the packaging of the product in an almost autonomous way. Semi-automatic bagging machines require continuous interaction with an operator, who must manually position the bag on the spout before filling.

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