Packaging lines for building materials & minerals

Specific constraints for end of line equipment

With the constraints of very high speed production (up to 4000 bags/h) and continuous production 24 hours a day, the end of line equipment in these industries must be flexible but also robust and reliable. An aggressive environment, due to the products' abrasiveness, must be taken into account.


Materials and minerals packed in bags

Bagging, palletizing and overpackaging of building materials and minerals

Sand & AggregateSand & AggregateSand & AggregateSand & Aggregate
Sand & Aggregate

Palletizing building materials in bags

NEWTEC BAG offers a complete range of palletizers adapted to building material applications:


  • Various bag orientation systems depending on the rate.
  • Parameter setting and operator dialogue terminal allowing the immediate setting of different palletizing schemes with bags of various weights and dimensions.
  • Modular construction and optimization of the kinematics according to the needs evolution.
  • Possibility of rapid interfacing with upstream bagging and downstream overwrapping installations.
  • Components tested in high speed under industrial conditions.
  • Maximum robustness and operational availability with excellent palletizing quality.


In some applications, palletless technology can be offered.


Good to know: thanks to our network of industrial partners in bagging and overwrapping, we can offer complete end-of-line solutions adapted to rate up to 6500 bags/h.

Two ranges of palletizers for building materials & minerals

There are not hundreds of solutions, there are two

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