The most friendly palletizer in the world !

Newtec Bag Palletizing has developed the palletizer TERRAM 1000 in order to complete the range of palletizers with in-feed at the floor level and to ensure outputs from 500 to 1000 bags per hour. 

The bags are oriented to the left, to the right, or at 180° depending on the selected palletizing scheme. The orientation is done by a clamp or a cross according to the specificity of the products.


The step by step preparation of the rows as well as the conformation of the layers in successive stages, gives this Palletizer all operations to obtain a high level of quality stacking in a reduced floor space.

Two stripper plates deposit the layer in a uniform way, to obtain a perfectly rectangular and stable pallet. During this operation the squaring plates maintain the layer on the four sides. Each layer is pressed against the stripper plates, except the last one. The pallet piles are, for their part, loaded by forklift. In most cases, no adjustment is necessary if several pallets are used.

The driving of the Terram is provided by a friendly dialog terminal, integrating assistance to maintenance, management of production, manual operation, diagnostic of the machine, settings,etc...