Palletizing options

Bag flattener

Positioned upstream from the palletizer, bag flatteners are used to remove the air from bags and evenly distribute the product in order to obtain a perfectly rectangular bag before palletizing.

Gluing system

Hot melt or cold glue to improve pallet stability.

Deposit of bottom sheets onto empty pallets or interlayer sheets

Deposit of PE film on empty pallets from a spool

Protects products from humidity from the ground or the wood of the pallet.

Pallet press

For certain highly fluid or highly aerated products, it may be useful to stabilise the batch by compressing it. Our hydraulic presses can apply pressure of 2 to 5 tons to the batch for a specified time.

Defective bag ejector

To sort non-conforming bags by detecting metal, weight non-conformity and leaks.