Bag palletizers with layer deposit

Automatic palletizer Series 1000/1500/1800/2500P, medium throughputs

Bag palletizers for a working rate of 2000 to 6000 bags/hour. This range is especially designed for high palletizing throughputs in the building materials sector.

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Automatic palletizer Series 2500B/4000/5000, high throughputs

[Translate to English:] Sackpalettierer für eine Arbeitsrate von 2000 bis 6000 Säcken/Stunde. Diese Palettierer werden speziell für hohe Palettierdurchsätze im Bausektor konstruiert.

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Bag flattener
Defective bag ejector
Gluing system
Deposit of bottom sheets onto empty pallets or interlayer sheets
Deposit of PE film from a reel onto empty pallets
Pallet press

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