NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING presents the palletizer Series G600

palletizer Series G600

The innovation of this compact machine consists in 2 bags elevators to improve the capacity of the palletizer.

The bag conveying equipment remains nearly similar to the palletizer series G300 range : the bags are going into the palletizer from bottom through a belt type bag flattener.

Then, they are oriented, 90° left or right, 180°, following the desired pallet pattern, with a robotic gripper.

The layers are formed directly on the pallet, though 4 conforming plates ensuring the conformation of the layer and its maintenance on the pallet.

The empty pallets are loaded with a fork lift truck onto the magazine.

The loaded pallets are accumulated onto a roller conveyor.

In addition to the basic palletizing function, customers have multiple options at their disposal to ensure their individual needs.

Control of the palletizer is done by an HMI (Human Machine Interface) which allows the operator to run the machine intuitively.

A VPN connection for remote maintenance assures permanent support by the specialists of NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING.