NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING launched the bag palletizing robot with a stretch wrapper included

To meet its customers’ requirements, NBP developed the palletizer series G300 wrapper.

Manufacturers currently are looking for the highest pallet stability once they are formed.

It may be difficult to transport the pallet if it has not been previously wrapped. This is why it became necessary to find a solution to integrate the wrapping function for the less stable stacks.

NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING developed a solution to begin palletizing 3 to 4 bags layers and start the wrapping at the same time. Thus both actions are done in parallel and proceed at the same rate.

As for all series G300 palletizers, this equipment is dedicated to low throughputs of about 300 bags/hour for 5 to 50 kg bags. It is also possible to add interlayer cardboard sheets at the top or in-between the layers.

Optimised in its design and standardised in its manufacturing, this plug&play type equipment allows a return on investment even for low levels of production. It is very easy to use thanks to a touchscreen.


  • Bags arrive centred on the roller conveyor
  • An elevator lifts the bag to the grab level
  • The centring-device-equipped gripper grabs the bag
  • The Cartesian gantry positions the bag where it needs to go
  • The bag is guided by the centring devices during positioning. A side template maintains the layer
  • Semi-automatic version
  • Automatic version
  • The machine is equipped with a modem. A remote maintenance service is there to help you
  • Interactive automatic calculation software lets you program new products easily and quickly



  • Basic version with empty pallets in-feed using a pallet truck
    Empty pallets in-feed on a pallet conveyor
    Empty pallets dispenser with a removal conveyors
    Version with a stretch wrapper included


  • Machine is suited for low capacity production
  • Special price for the 2 functions of palletizing and stretch-wrapping
  • Optimisation of working space