The AURUM palletizer for granulates

The high-end palletizer for bagged granulates

With more than 2000 palletizers installed worldwide and 50 years of experience, NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING is setting a new standard this year with the launch of the AURUM, the fastest palletizer on the market.

The AURUM is perfectly adapted to the palletization of granules, micro-granules, pastilles, pellets and flakes in bags from 5 to 50 kg. Ideal for all types of bags (FFS, open mouth, valve), the AURUM reaches a palletization rate of up to 2800 bags/hour*.

Thanks to its low consumption motorization and energy-recovering drives, the AURUM is energy efficient. It was designed to better respect the environment and reduce your energy costs.

At NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING, we manufacture machines that take care of those who take care of them. This is why the AURUM was designed to take care of its users. It is equipped with the latest generation industrial PC. Easy to use with its intuitive touch screen, the AURUM assists you in positioning your bags in case of a production stoppage. Maintenance is facilitated thanks to the great accessibility of all the elements, even in the palletizing tower.

All this in complete safety: at height, thanks to its handles and lifeline. On the ground, your teams are safe thanks to the safety hooks in the elevator, safety pegs in the palletizing tower and presence detection which stops production to avoid accidents during maintenance operations.

The result: a perfect pallet, the best business card for your customers.

* depending on the type of bags, the type of products, the palletizing pattern and the pallet height.