Building materials

A complete range of palletizers for the building materials industry :

  • Several bag orientation devices as to throughputs
  • Fault display and communication unit for using different layer patterns with various weights and dimensions
  • Modular assembly and kinematics optimisation allow the evolution of needs
  • Possible interfacing between upstream bagging and downstream pallet wrapping devices
  • High speed tests of our components to simulate an industrial situation
  • Maximum robustness and maximum operational reliability combined with excellent palletizing quality.

Coupling the best technologies on the market with customers demands allows us to offer:

  • Conventional palletizers with layer deposit 

NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING offers complete end-of-line solutions with throughputs of 300 to 5000 bags per hour thanks to its network of industrial partners in bagging and packing. In some cases we may suggest using a PALLET LESS palletizer.


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Dry mortar

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